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The Career Minerals blog’s purpose is aimed at young professionals about to make the transition from the university to the first full time job and recent graduates who are still working on shaping their career.

The intention is not to provide a complete guide of all aspects of developing your career, but rather to provide tips and tricks about the fundamental building blocks for managing your career path.

The topics that will be written about will range from prepping for interviews to setting goals to achieve your goals and from good and bad habits to mini book reviews. Basically, anything I have deemed relevant for a young professional trying to succeed in anything from the small companies to the large corporate giants.

If you have any wished for particular topics, please feel free to send suggestions by mail: kasper@careerminerals.com.

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  1. Tammy

    I heard J.T. speak at a conference a few years ago. Great information. I love the idea of calling a failure an experiment. It frees us to try new methods and expect more from ourselves.


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