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Here’s the final post in the Christmas advent series. I give to you LinkedIn Pulse – the place for sharing thoughts on career and a lot of other things.

Today it’s Christmas. And it’s time for the last advent calendar post this year.

We finish it off with LinkedIn Pulse – the place where all your LinkedIn connections and Influencers come together and share their thoughts.

There are 25 different channels with topics ranging from Leadership & Management to Big Data. You can find them all here in the overview. The channels do not have Influencers or other authors associated on a fixed basis, but rather the editors pick relevant posts to feature in each channel. That means you will get input from a wide range of different people.

There are four channels in particular that I want to draw your attention to:

  • Best Advice – 4.1 million followers. This channel covers a wide range of topics with advice picked up from here and there as the common denominator. Both T. O’Donnell and Liz Ryan whom I have written about earlier in this advent calendar have posts featured there at the moment.
  • Recruiting & Hiring – 3.6 million followers. This channel is for recruiters and HR people, but is still relevant for the young professional as you can get a lot of insights into the minds of the corporate recruiting processes. Lou Adler, T. O’Donnell, and Liz Ryan all have featured articles here at the moment.
  • Your Career – 3.2 million followers. This is the main career channel at LinkedIn Pulse. It contains a vast amount of career promoting advice and tips. T. O’Donnell, Liz Ryan, and Tony Robbins are among the featured authors at the moment.
  • Career: Getting Started – 2.2 million followers. It recently replaced Career: Next Level. This is especially relevant for the young professional as it targets the younger crowd compared to the main channel mentioned above. Gretchen Rubin has several featured articles right now.

Browsing around in the featured articles online on LinkedIn Pulse will most certainly provide you with endless inspiration for your career in 2016. And you can access it directly from your smartphone with the Pulse app. But this app also features a lot a “regular” news.

And with that I wish you and your loved ones a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! I hope you will have a successful and rewarding 2016.

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