Liz Ryan

This is my personal favourite Influencer on LinkedIn. Liz Ryan is an absolute must-follow if you are serious about developing your career.

Liz Ryan is the CEO and founder of Human Workplace. This is just the most recent initiative she has launched since 1997 where she first founded a company. Before that she held several senior HR positions at US Robotics. In recent years, she has been a very active columnist at Monster, Yahoo! Hot jobs, Denver Post, Kiplinger, and now also on LinkedIn.

She has become a LinkedIn Influencer and now has more than 770,000 followers, and has reached the LinkedIn max of 30,000 connections(!) With more than 300 posts she is an active contributor and you’ll easily be able to recognise all of her articles as they include very characteristic drawings and illustrations.

Her main focus is around career advice and how to get a job. But she also provides some recruiting and leadership advice. Let me give you an insight to some of her posts which I particularly enjoyed:

All in all, Liz Ryan has so much to offer on all aspects within HR and personal development. You don’t want to miss following her on LinkedIn. She will most definitely become one for your key inspirations in 2016 for how to evolve you career.

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