Phyllis Mufson

Here’s a great opportunity for a steady stream of tweets on how to improve your career.

Phyllis Mufson or @phyllismufson is a career and life coach. She has more than 20 years of experience with coaching. She has also been writing a few articles, one of which was published in Forbes.

Her twitter account is accountable for more than 46 thousand tweets since she joined in November 2008. That means that she, on average, has tweeted around 18 times a day the past 7 years. According to Twitter Counter the daily average is upheld to this day, but somewhat volatile. With 48,400 followers she has only 120,000 others beating her to the punch worldwide of being the most followed on Twitter. That’s pretty impressive when considering her narrow focus.

Let’s briefly look at some of her best tweets from December this year:

As you can tell; she touches upon a broad range of subjects related to job search and career development. If she continues with her productivity on Twitter in 2016 she will no doubt be an important source of inspiration.


  1. Willian

    Excellent article and very pentinert and to the point. One or two thoughts if I may.1. If you have tried for a period of time to land the employer of your choice, yet have not succeeded, offer yourself on a FOC basis e.g. in connection with projects, events, campaigns etc. Offer that if given the choice to show HOW EXACTLY you can add value, for free, is hard to turn down.2. Make sure to connect in the real world and not just in the virtual one. Make an effort to be visible, network – physically – if and where possible (can be difficult but many a times not totally impossible) and become a face, a character rather than “just” a CV, email address or social profile.3. On networking, go beyond your current network. Explore if you know someone who knows someone who may be willing to refer you, network and through this get indirect access.I can assure you – personally at least – that networking does work VERY effectively. In early 2010 I was terminated and through my network, I got referred to – what turned out to be my dream job – and landed that in 3 weeks all in. Perhaphs somewhat unusual but then again I have myself referred 2 current colleagues for whom this also happened.Cheers,Lucas

    1. careerminerals (Post author)

      Thanks for your input.


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