Neil Patrick

This is a chance to get some seasoned advice on how to win the race for getting the most attractive jobs. Neil Patrick is very focused on this matter.

Neil Patrick is a blogger (40pluscareerguru) and has a very active Twitter profile as well. He has a lot of drive and has been self-employed for since 2005. Before that he held senior positions as marketing director and COO at various companies in the UK.

His twitter account is accountable for almost 40 thousand tweets since he joined in August 2012. That means that he, on average, has tweeted more than 30 times a day the past 3 years. According to Twitter Counter the daily average is upheld to this day. With 21,700 followers he has only 300,000 others beating him to the punch worldwide of being the most followed on Twitter. That’s pretty impressive when considering his narrow focus.

His passion revolves around finding employment. The top 6 used tags on his blog include jobs, job search, job hunting, job prospects, job seekers, and job opportunities. So, it’s pretty clear what’s on his mind, and what he can help you with. Let’s have a look at some of his most recent tweets:

Neil Patrick is highly active on Twitter and you can get a lot of inspiration by following him going forward – I know I will. But his blog is surely worth a visit once in a while also.

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