Learn to Put Things behind You

Letting the past be the past can be one of the greatest lessons you’ll ever learn. It was for me. Now I never look back in regret or guilt for longer than I absolutely have to. A while back I…
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robots are coming

Is Your Career Safe From Automation?

Let’s face it, many of the things you do at work is automatable. And if you are not careful you may be taken by surprise when robots or software replace you to save money and improve productivity. The development is…
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emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence – a Prerequisite for Becoming a (Good) Manager

Emotional intelligence has been found to explain 58% of performance across several job types.  If you are aspiring to become a manager in the near future; here’s a few ideas on how you could work on improving your emotional intelligence….
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cognitive tests

Set Yourself up for the Best Possible Test Score

Many companies use cognitive tests for assessing potential candidates during their recruiting process. A good result will not get you the dream job, but a bad result can definitely ruin your chances of even getting an interview. So, don’t underestimate…
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Personal traits wordle

Do Yourself a Favour and Identify Your Personal Traits

Understanding yourself and your personal traits is the key to finding a job that matches your preferences. It can also help identify areas in which you are more effective relative to others. This article offers insight into assessment tests for…
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Creativity in problem solving

10 ways to enhance your problem solving skills with creativity

Ever wondered what made the difference for creative geniuses like Einstein, Edison or Dalí? How did they keep churning out new and original ideas? Find out how to leverage the same techniques to become a better problem solver. No matter…
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