salary negotiation

Salary negotiation

A young professional naturally has little experience in negotiating salary and experience accumulates slowly as they usually happen only once a year. But missing out on salary increases early on in your career compounds many years into the future. This…
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medical resume

How to Put Together an Impressive Medical Resume

Preparation is very important for a successful job hunt. Previously, we studied how to prepare for the application process. Now the time has come for writing the application. To kick it all off, we’ll start with a case example. Audrey…
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cognitive tests

Set Yourself up for the Best Possible Test Score

Many companies use cognitive tests for assessing potential candidates during their recruiting process. A good result will not get you the dream job, but a bad result can definitely ruin your chances of even getting an interview. So, don’t underestimate…
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Personal traits wordle

Do Yourself a Favour and Identify Your Personal Traits

Understanding yourself and your personal traits is the key to finding a job that matches your preferences. It can also help identify areas in which you are more effective relative to others. This article offers insight into assessment tests for…
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how to identify you strengths and weaknesses

How to Identify your True Strengths and Weaknesses

Before writing your résumé you should have an understanding of your key strengths and weaknesses. This article provides a bit of inspiration on how to identify yours. Preparation is very important for a successful job hunt. Before even starting your…
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4 phases of job search

The Recruiting Process from the Candidate’s POV

It is never too early to start thinking about how to prepare yourself for the next recruiting process of your dream job. This post is the first in a series with tips and tricks for increasing the odds of coming…
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