robots are coming

Is Your Career Safe From Automation?

Let’s face it, many of the things you do at work is automatable. And if you are not careful you may be taken by surprise when robots or software replace you to save money and improve productivity. The development is…
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emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence – a Prerequisite for Becoming a (Good) Manager

Emotional intelligence has been found to explain 58% of performance across several job types.  If you are aspiring to become a manager in the near future; here’s a few ideas on how you could work on improving your emotional intelligence….
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The reason being an amateur isn’t so bad

Being an amateur has gotten a bad reputation, but that’s only because of its recently acquired new meaning. Its original meaning is actually something worth thinking about when making career choices.   I bet that when you think about an…
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medical resume

How to Put Together an Impressive Medical Resume

Preparation is very important for a successful job hunt. Previously, we studied how to prepare for the application process. Now the time has come for writing the application. To kick it all off, we’ll start with a case example. Audrey…
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4 phases of job search

The Recruiting Process from the Candidate’s POV

It is never too early to start thinking about how to prepare yourself for the next recruiting process of your dream job. This post is the first in a series with tips and tricks for increasing the odds of coming…
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Evaluating jobs

Ever faced a difficult decision between two great opportunities. Here’s a framework for helping you make that big decision.  During the initial years of my career I changed jobs multiple times as I wanted to explore a lot of different…
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