Plan B

Should you have a Plan B?

Some people enjoy planning far in advance. Some people like living in the moment, not thinking too far ahead. The question is if it’s important in a career planning context. Here’s a question for you. Do you think it’s better…
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Development framework

How to go About Your Development Plan

January is the season for updating development plans. Here’s my take on how young professionals should structure their development plan. The personal development plan should be the core of your career. I have talked about it before on several occasions….
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Realising dreams

Realising Dreams

Striving to realise a dream is what keeps us going. Gives us energy. Provides motivation for getting better.  But are you sure you are on a path that leads to realising your dream? Managing your career is essentially about realising…
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Feeling unmotivated at work or want to develop your position? Use the appreciation-competence matrix to assess what you can change

Here’s a framework developed to assess your current job situation. So, if you feel unmotivated or dissatisfied at work or simply want to improve your job satisfaction, this is a good place to start to provide you with an insight…
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todo list cap

The magic of to do lists

To do lists are essential to keep track of all your tasks and ensure you are always on top of things. This post provides you with some tips on how to work with to do lists and which media to…
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New Year’s resolutions all year around

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned early on in my career is that you need to take responsibility and complete ownership of your own development process. Let’s face it – nobody else will. Your manager will attend…
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