Lou Adler

38 years and counting as CEO of his own company – the experience radiates from Lou Adler’s posts, which revolve around recruiting and how to get hired.

Lou Adler is an experienced guy. He graduated from UCLA in 1971 with a degree in Finance. He also holds a bachelors’ degree in engineering. Since then he has held several senior positions in Rockwell International and The Allen Group before founding his own retained executive search firm, The Adler Group, in 1978.

He has also authored the books Hire With Your Head and The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired. Through 238 posts on LinkedIn he has been named an official influencer and has amassed close to 900,000 followers. His posts very much revolve around how to get hired and closely related topics, but he also takes the viewpoint of the recruiter frequently. In this case, we are mostly interested in the posts seen from the candidate’s point of view. Let’s have a look at a few of his best posts to date:

  • 4 Ways to Max Career Growth and Job Satisfaction – where he introduces a 4-zone framework for deciding what your next career move should be. He maps them according to time and speed of growth in the current position.
  • Big Brother is Now Determining Your Hirability – a post in which he delves into how automatic screening of candidates impacts the recruiting process. It’s a great opportunity to learn what patterns are being sought after by recruiters.
  • A 10-point Plan for Getting a New Job in 90 Days – 10 helpful pieces of advice based on the themes he uses when counselling job seekers. Basically, it’s free coaching advice right there.
  • 10 Ideas for Getting an Interview without Applying – he shares 10 different tactics for getting a job in addition to the traditional application. And trust me, it gets a bit creative, so you can probably get a few good ideas.
  • The Awful Downside of Job Hopping Syndrome – he introduces a new concept; Job Hopping Syndrome. It’s about overvaluing short-term needs without considering the long-term consequences. He builds on a 2 by 2 matrix framework considering reasons for leaving current job, taking new job, and motivation in terms of intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Lou Adler has a lot of experience and he posts fairly consistently, so he is an ideal influencer to follow into the New Year to get inspired for career growth.

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