Victor Cheng

This is a very versatile character. Victor Cheng is certainly a very bright individual and he is not afraid to share his viewpoints, so you have a great opportunity to catch a ride with him.

Victor Cheng is a former McKinsey & Company management consultant and now works as a CEO Coach for Inc. 500 companies. He has authored a few books and contributes to on topics ranging from leadership to business strategy. Further, he is also known for being an expert case interviewee as he reportedly attended 61 case interviews and passed 60 of them, resulting in 7 job offers. In the end, he winded up at McKinsey and went on to become an experienced interviewer himself.

He used his experience to create where he, among other things, presents his framework for handling any case interview. He also provides advice on how to prepare for case interviews. It’s all free, but if you want to go even deeper into the preparation he also offers some audio files where you can be the fly on the wall and listen in to candidates doing an actual case with Victor as the interviewer. All the while with him voicing over what the candidate did well and what the candidate could have done even better. This product he refers to as LOMS or Look Over My Shoulder. Also worth a look if you are preparing for an interview within consulting.

A couple of years ago he started The Strategic Outlier™ Letter, which is a newsletter. I have been a subscriber for more than a year now. During that time a have received 48 emails. He usually posts about once a week but during vacation time activity drops. This letter is where you might find a lot of interesting inspiration for your career going forward. I recommend you subscribe to receive his newsletter and get an insight into this brilliant mind of his.

The topics he writes about range from tips on how to handle self-doubt to more philosophical reflective posts that just provides you with food for thought. His target audience is young professionals, but he maintains a quality such that I would think it also appeals to more seasoned professionals.

No matter where you are in your career, I bet you can benefit from one of Victor Cheng’s many free services and get inspiration for your 2016.

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