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BI Careers (@BI_Careers) tweets about career strategy.

Twitter is a place for short messages as a tweet only allows 140-characters and if you want to share a picture or a link the characters available are even fewer. The Twitter universe has so many users covering all possible topics you can imagine. And, of course, there are also a few good sources with career development content. Business Insider’s Twitter account @BI_Careers is one of them.

You may know Business Insider; launched in 2009, covering topics within finance, politics, strategy, and tech. The content is easily digestible and seems to target a young audience interested in understanding the core dynamics of global economics and how to succeed in it.

Their BI Careers account on Twitter tweets the latest stories from the strategy topic category. In their universe, strategy is not related to abstract corporate visions and missions, but career strategy. And so they have proceeded to tweet 15,000 times since they created the account in January 2012. That means that they, on average, tweet more than 10 times a day. According to Twitter Counter the daily average is much higher today and currently average more than 70 tweets per day. With 26,700 followers they are not among the top ranked globally, but career development is just a niche within Twitter.

When you decide to follow their Twitter account you are sure to get a steady stream of well compiled stories that can inspire you to create your own career strategy. E.g.:

So, if you are not on Twitter yet, get moving and follow BI Careers as soon as you join for inspiration for your career throughout 2016.

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