Optimise your LinkedIn Profile

Make yourself attractive to online recruiters by optimising your LinkedIn profile and making it look swish.

There is no doubt that LinkedIn has become a very important recruiting channel recently. And why not? It’s the perfect sales window to showcase your professional profile and abilities. Capterra Talent Management Blog collected some statistics supporting this view:

  • 89% of recruiters report they have hired someone through LinkedIn
  • 94% of recruiters are active on LinkedIn, meaning they use is as a scouting platform

So it seems silly not to spend a few hours optimizing your LinkedIn profile to improve your chances to become one of the millions that have already landed a new job through LinkedIn. Therefore, I have found a fantastic guide that takes you through the bits and bobs you need to understand in order to create an outstanding LinkedIn profile.

I recommend you try The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect LinkedIn Profile. It contains 24 individual tips for making your profile better. This does not make it the longest and most complete by any means, but it sticks to the absolute essentials and thereby adheres to the 80/20 rule by which I know you are already living your life. You’ll get guided on everything from your profile picture to the URL of your profile.

The guide is compiled by Mike Allton, check out his profile when you get a chance.

If you’re still not convinced it’s worth your while to work on your profile, take a look at this Forbes article 9 Reasons Why You Must Update Your LinkedIn Profile Today.

I for one am making a note to work on my profile in 2016.

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