This is inspiration for everybody mindful of their career, but especially for those of you considering changing jobs or about to step into a new role.

J.T. O’Donnell is the founder and CEO of CAREEREALISM and she is a LinkedIn influencer.

On LinkedIn she has a 1,000,000+ following and 250+ posts and counting. Her posts have a strong focus on personal branding, resume development and the recruiting process in general seen from the candidate’s point of view. Her experience within the HR field stretches almost 20 years, so she has an opinion or two about a wide range of topics.

Let me give you a quick flavour what she writes about with a few of my favourite posts by her:

As you can see she covers some interesting aspects and you will no doubt do wise in following her on LinkedIn and read her posts regularly.

One of her projects include CAREEREALISM, but this is where it gets a bit commercial. It’s a business, and they need to make money, so not everything here is free. But they offer some additional articles of some value. The site facilitates contact between job seekers and recruiters, so this is a different way of finding yourself a new interesting job.

However, I have found the most inspiration in J.T. O’Donnell’s posts on LinkedIn and I bet you will find a lot of inspiration you can leverage to make your career even better than it already is.

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