Monthly Archive: November 2015

Inspiration for 2016

Holiday Season Special: Inspiration for 2016

I love the holiday season, so I couldn’t resist the temptation to make a Career Minerals Christmas Advent. You can get daily inspiration for your career until the peak of the holidays. In celebration of the holiday season and a…
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be ready for change

Be Ready for Change

Change is a fact of life. Especially in corporations. Markets change and companies adapt. You, as an employee, need to be ready for change. To follow up on my recent post “Is Your Career Safe from Automation?” I felt it…
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robots are coming

Is Your Career Safe From Automation?

Let’s face it, many of the things you do at work is automatable. And if you are not careful you may be taken by surprise when robots or software replace you to save money and improve productivity. The development is…
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emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence – a Prerequisite for Becoming a (Good) Manager

Emotional intelligence has been found to explain 58% of performance across several job types.  If you are aspiring to become a manager in the near future; here’s a few ideas on how you could work on improving your emotional intelligence….
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recipe for success

Recipe for Success – 5 Simple Ingredients

Who among you are not on a quest for success? Very few I would guess. Here’s my thoughts on what is takes to be successful. You may be surprised of how simple it is. I recently completed reading a book…
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