Fighting Tiredness: Mental Road Trips

This month I discovered a nice technique that helped me combat tiredness creeping in on me when reading. I am very excited to share it with you and hope you might enjoy the same benefits if you are also sometimes struggling with your concentration.

I like reading. I especially like reading books, articles or blogs on functional topics I am interested in. In many cases, texts are the most informative and easily accessible sources of information where it’s possible to extract specific sections or consume the entire thing with all details depending on what you are looking for.

But no matter how interesting what I am reading is, I am sometimes hit with tiredness and fatigue. My eyelids are getting heavier and my concentration is fading away resulting in the words on the page just not being absorbed.

This has been a struggle for quite some time now. I tried several different things like taking a small break, getting up and walking around or getting fresh air. I was convinced that physical activity would be a quick fix to my problem. As it turned out none of them worked for me.

Indeed, these activities did not work, but I tried a mental exercise that provided me with renewed energy to concentrate on what I was reading. When faced with tiredness I took a mental road trip where I looked away from the book and imagined a few places I have visited in the past. I tried to recall as many details about the place as possible.

I usually visit about three places in succession which takes up to two minutes in total. For example I have gone to some large department stores and thought about how the parking lot and building was mapped out, how the entrance looked, how the different sections and isles were designed and so on.

Another time I went back to my grandparents’ farm and explored the house, the barn, the stables, the yard, and the fields. After that road trip I regain my energy and am able to refocus on whatever I was reading.

Try it out for yourself next time you are struggling with tiredness during reading or other similar activities and let me know if it works for you as well.

Happy travelling

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