Realising Dreams

Striving to realise a dream is what keeps us going. Gives us energy. Provides motivation for getting better.  But are you sure you are on a path that leads to realising your dream?

Managing your career is essentially about realising your dreams. Notice it reads your dream. Are you doing that or are you simply working hard on realising someone else’s dream? That’s the million dollar question. I read another really great blog some time ago that got me thinking about this question.

It’s a really intriguing and thought provoking question actually. Indeed, most have a dream. But oftentimes we settle for “less” when getting a job and then work on the dream as a side project in everyday life.

Or we postpone it for a while to “get a bit of experience just to get started”. At some point we risk forgetting what that dream was altogether. We lose track of where we were going. Still working hard, but not on realising our own dream.

If you have a job and that job is not what you dreamt about – then you might be working on realising something that is someone else’s dream. Then your work is e.g. serving the owners’ dream of getting rich and the manager’s dream of having a hard working team to get a promotion.

The point is that if you are not realising your own dream then all you are doing is realising someone else’s dream. Of course, it’s nice to be altruistic and help others. But at least you should do yourself the favour and work on your own at the same time.

I guess the only way to be sure is to do some soul searching to figure out if the journey you are currently on is getting you closer to realising your dream.

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