Monthly Archive: September 2015

mental road trip

Fighting Tiredness: Mental Road Trips

This month I discovered a nice technique that helped me combat tiredness creeping in on me when reading. I am very excited to share it with you and hope you might enjoy the same benefits if you are also sometimes…
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Realising dreams

Realising Dreams

Striving to realise a dream is what keeps us going. Gives us energy. Provides motivation for getting better.  But are you sure you are on a path that leads to realising your dream? Managing your career is essentially about realising…
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cognitive tests

Set Yourself up for the Best Possible Test Score

Many companies use cognitive tests for assessing potential candidates during their recruiting process. A good result will not get you the dream job, but a bad result can definitely ruin your chances of even getting an interview. So, don’t underestimate…
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Personal traits wordle

Do Yourself a Favour and Identify Your Personal Traits

Understanding yourself and your personal traits is the key to finding a job that matches your preferences. It can also help identify areas in which you are more effective relative to others. This article offers insight into assessment tests for…
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