Monthly Archive: August 2015

how to identify you strengths and weaknesses

How to Identify your True Strengths and Weaknesses

Before writing your résumé you should have an understanding of your key strengths and weaknesses. This article provides a bit of inspiration on how to identify yours. Preparation is very important for a successful job hunt. Before even starting your…
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4 phases of job search

The Recruiting Process from the Candidate’s POV

It is never too early to start thinking about how to prepare yourself for the next recruiting process of your dream job. This post is the first in a series with tips and tricks for increasing the odds of coming…
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MOOC learning

Leverage MOOCs to continue learning

Massive Open Online Courses, or simply MOOCs, are excellent opportunities for continuing your journey towards building knowledge in a wide range of fields. A “must” for any passionate career development conscious young professional. Finishing the university studies is by no…
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Memory palace

Memory Palaces and how to use them to look like a star presenter

Always wanted to be able to do a presentation without the need for slides? Well, here’s your chance to learn how to use memory palaces to flawlessly remember every bullet in your storyline by heart without breaking a sweat. You…
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Creativity in problem solving

10 ways to enhance your problem solving skills with creativity

Ever wondered what made the difference for creative geniuses like Einstein, Edison or Dalí? How did they keep churning out new and original ideas? Find out how to leverage the same techniques to become a better problem solver. No matter…
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Feeling unmotivated at work or want to develop your position? Use the appreciation-competence matrix to assess what you can change

Here’s a framework developed to assess your current job situation. So, if you feel unmotivated or dissatisfied at work or simply want to improve your job satisfaction, this is a good place to start to provide you with an insight…
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todo list cap

The magic of to do lists

To do lists are essential to keep track of all your tasks and ensure you are always on top of things. This post provides you with some tips on how to work with to do lists and which media to…
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