Monthly Archive: July 2015

20150730_The pomodoro technique

Understanding procrastination and techniques to avoid it

Procrastination is a widespread phenomenon in the workplace as well as educational institutions. Surprisingly, it turns out that procrastination is triggered due to activation of the centre for physical pain in the brain. Get my two best tips for handling…
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20150728_Key takeaways from The Trusted Advisor

Key takeaways from The Trusted Advisor (book)

There are many different ways to achieve success in the work place. The road to becoming a trusted advisor will naturally guide you through a number of elements that will enable you to gain trust and in turn create more…
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20150723_get the most out of your mentoring process

How to get the most out of a mentoring process

Expectations need to be completely aligned to get a successful mentoring process. The mentee needs to take action before the first meeting and keep on top of things until the last meeting. In my previous post I briefly went through…
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20150722_benefits of having a mentor and where to look

Benefits of having a mentor and where to look

Having a mentor is a fantastic way of leveraging a new perspective to get your career on the right track fast. You are able to tailor career guidance with a senior person that has already the experience you are trying…
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Evaluating jobs

Ever faced a difficult decision between two great opportunities. Here’s a framework for helping you make that big decision.  During the initial years of my career I changed jobs multiple times as I wanted to explore a lot of different…
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New Year’s resolutions all year around

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned early on in my career is that you need to take responsibility and complete ownership of your own development process. Let’s face it – nobody else will. Your manager will attend…
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